Why I “have to” celebrate Christmas?

HR Hints

pecesI am lucky. I spent Christmas alone. No family dinner, no presents.  I know. It sounds like The Grinch talking. Bitter. Maybe resentful too. But is true, I really enjoyed time alone and quiet. The city was very quiet too. Everybody was busy preparing dinner, wrapping gifts, decorating, and making cookies. I had time alone and quiet. Did I feel weird for that? I didn’t (maybe I am so totally a weirdo that I am not conscious about it).

It wasn’t easy at first. Friends asked me about what were my plans for Christmas. And when I said “nothing”, they couldn’t resist giving me all kind of solutions and words of sympathy (like “I am sorry”).  And I don’t judge them. I mean is supposed to be a day of family reunion and I was doing an opposite act, and with a unconcerned attitude.

Rowing against the stream is not easy. Everyone…

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