Don’t be afraid of Chaos

HR Hints

lg_controlledchaosIn Greek mythology, Chaos was the first thing that exist. It contained all the elements together in a “shapeless heap”. Eros (Love), Gaia (The Earth) and Erebus (Darkness) born from Chaos. Is a primordial state that contains all the seeds together.

In Mathematics, the Chaos theory, is a dynamic system, that states that even in chaotic systems, there is an underlying pattern which depend highly on the initial conditions. Is the called “effect butterfly” in which a little change on the initial conditions (the flight of a butterfly) can leads to a significant different outcome, such as a Tornado.

Chaos is a strong force, but not necessarily it is destructive. Maybe is necessary.

In an organization everything is related. Any little change in one end, could affect a totally different part. Like the flight of the butterfly, a single unfortunate email could lead to a huge conflict in an organization. On the…

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